VetBabble Health App Launch!


We are very excited to announce the beta launch of what we hope will help every pet owner out there with our VetBabble Health app to help you with your pet.  Our app lets you track your pet’s health, use our virtual vet service, talk to real vets, and get specific recommendations and articles tailored to your pets needs.

If you would like to join our beta, please click on a link below depending on device.

The inspiration for the VetBabble app is from Cheyenne, an Australian Kelpie.  She was diagnosed with a disease known as CUPS (chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis).  This condition, like many others, is difficult to manage, requires ongoing monitoring and care and the best way to do this before was using a notebook.

Cheyenne inspired us to launch the VetBabble app and help combine our veterinary expertise, data science and software engineering skills together to help create a way to track a pet’s health, monitor their conditions and provide personalized information, articles, and recommendations for their specific needs.



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